Posted by: Principal/Editor | February 11, 2018

Critical Analysis of School Leadership Literature: Transformational Leadership and Its Impact on Schools in the Context of South Korean Democracy

Somin Lee

This reflection piece provides an account of transformational leadership within education settings in the context of the current state of the democratic system in the Republic of Korea. It demonstrates the feasibility of constructivism applied to the notion of transformational school leadership. Considering diverse leadership patterns responding to contextual situations, the main objective of the article is 1) a critical analysis of the current leadership approaches focusing on transformational school leadership and 2) the prospect of ideal types of leadership patterns in relation to a democratic system. To redefine insights into improved transformational leadership in education settings, the premise that cognitive structure and behaviour are the results of the interaction between the self and the environment are applied in connection with Bronfenbrenner’s bioecological model of human development. Overall, the paper sheds further light on the causal nexus between transformational school leadership and a democratic society.

PLS Working Papers 17


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