Posted by: Principal/Editor | July 10, 2015

Civic Capital Models: Comparison of Primary and Secondary Students in the Singapore Education System*

Vicente Reyes, Trivina Kang, David Hogan

This inquiry interrogates linkages between civic capital broken down into beliefs, dispositions and agency with the notion of the school as a civic community. Using data generated from a longitudinal study on a stratified random sample of two cohorts of students belonging to the primary and secondary levels of the Singapore education system, this paper attempts to establish meaningful relationships between the students’ conceptions and practices of civic capital with their perceptions of an active civic community in school.

*This paper is based on remarks originally presented at the 2nd Socio-cultural Theory in Educational Research and Practice Conference: Theory, Identity and Learning, University of Manchester, UK, 10-11 September 2007. The original manuscript was written while the first author was an Assistant Professor at the National Institute of Education, Singapore and was presented at the 2nd Socio-cultural Theory in Educational Research and Practice Conference. The first author is greatly indebted to Dr Trivina Kang and Dr David Hogan, who were the Co-Principal Investigator and Principal Investigator respectively of the Panel 6 Life Pathways Longitudinal Study.

PLS Working Paper Series 13


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