Posted by: Principal/Editor | August 18, 2014

ICT Teaching Practices from a TPACK Perspective – A View from a Regional Australian University

Vicente Reyes, Christine Reading, Helen Doyle and Sue Gregory

Three distinct clusters were identified from a survey study of a sample of 127 unit coordinators from a regional Australian University. The clusters emerged after a survey that explored perceptions of pedagogical practices that incorporated the use of Information Communication and Technology (ICT). The key components of the survey were based on seven constructs derived from the Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK). For future investigations of TPACK application in university contexts, a three-cluster configuration of teacher-practitioners is proposed that requires empirical confirmation. The relevance of the findings of the inquiry and their implications on universities that conduct ICT intensive courses were also discussed, especially in relation to improving teaching practices.

This working paper has now been published as an article in Computers & Education, Vol. 115, No. 19. Details about the article can be accessed through this link:

Integrating ICT into teacher education programmes from a TPACK perspective: perceptions of university lecturers


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