Posted by: Principal/Editor | March 28, 2013

Issues of Citizenship, National Identity and Political Socialization: Implications to the Singapore Education System

Vicente Reyes

This inquiry attempts to address the question: How has the Singapore city-state used its education system in integrating three important cornerstones of nation-building? Using selected data from the National Orientations of Singaporeans Survey complemented by extracts from key policy documents from the Ministry of Education (MOE), this article explores three specific questions: (1) How is citizenship education pursued? (2) How is national identity forged? And (3) How is political socialization engendered? The inquiry concludes with challenges that the Singapore education system faces as it tries to address its nation-building project.

This working paper has now been published with the Studies of Changing Societies (Open Journal), Vol. 1, No. 11, 2013. The full article can be accessed through this link:


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